1. weberjumbojoe:

    Because steak is awesome!

    Yeah…I think The Doctor would approve…I know Rose would!

  3. evgenyhontor:

    I absolutely love this show! I always watch TV shows or non-fiction shows while working, it helps unload brain, ha ha. And then, when I thought that all the good series I’ve looked, I discovered the “Doctor Who”. And this thing I also did a series “Doctor Who”, so this is a real fans’ thing!
    I’m waiting for Season 8 “Doctor” and Season 5 “Torchwood”! And you? :)

    For sale: https://www.etsy.com/ru/listing/186054960/doctor-who-tardis-allons-y-geronimo-bad

  4. nevermoresrandomgeekery:

    Head on over to TeePublic, where my where you’ll find my “Bigger Inside” t-shirt for only $14 for the next 72 hours, and $20 after that time is up!


  5. carrot0nesie:

    me and the bae

  7. 1marta9garcia95:

    Look what I got today from #othertees #dalekshirt #dalek #glowinthedark #tshirt #doctorwho #awesome #cool #yes #thedoctor

  8. streamsofpolish:

    My latest nail design (April 2014). Dr. Who TARDISes and Daleks on the thumbnail.

  9. (Source: noemi4000)

  10. kryptoniansorcerer:

    I need these shirts.

  11. tardisdress:

    A beautiful collection of Tardis necklaces is available at TardisDress.com!

  12. lynn0710:

    sonic screwdriver wand in a TARDIS inspired box by instructables user CabbitCastle

    (Source: nerdapproved.com)

  14. tvjunkie56:

    Look what came in the mail! River Song’s (aka the future Doctor’s) Sonic Screwdriver! It fits in perfectly next to my other Sonics.

  15. tardisdress:

    One of many awesome Tardis Dresses for sale

    over at TardisDress.com!