1. tardisdress:

    If you can’t snuggle up with Matt Smith then try keeping warm with a Tardis hoodie instead!

  2. knittedcreations:

    PDF PATTERN - Dalek Inspired Fingerless Gloves - Doctor Who by FandomFibres (3.00 CAD) http://ift.tt/1d1Cmt2

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  4. fuckyespetercapaldi:

    Picked up this little guy in a Christmas Shop here where I’m on vacation.

    I shall call him Rusty.


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  6. tardisdress:

    A rather brilliant Tardis necklace!

    (Source: tardisdress.com)

  7. besttshirtsever:

    Her Name Was Rose T-Shirt - $12 Doctor Who tee at Blue Box Tees
    If you missed it at Blue Box Tees click here to see if there are any other options.

  8. kitcameo:

    Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor hand-cut paper snowflake.

    (Source: artfire.com)

  9. tardisdress:

    A David Tennant dress!  A rather awesome Doctor Who costume!!


  10. thegreatzebra:

    Doctor Who Silicone Ice Tray/Chocolate Mold on We Heart It.

  11. bon-appeteats:

    Making some more Dalek pendants for necklaces. Going to add a few more with different metal colors. #handmade #polymerclay #miniatures #polymerclaycharms #pendant #jewelry #drwho #dalek #floridasupercon

  13. infintelydamagedgoods:

    #school #bored #nailart #beauty #doctorwho #butterflywing #dalek #tardis #stripes #plaid

  14. This is happening!

  15. This is happening!